Merry Christmas in Japanese

HOW DO YOU MERRY CHRISTMAS IN JAPANESE – “Meri Kurisumasu” this is how you wish Merry Christmas in Japanese.


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Merry Christmas in Japanese-It’s been only a few decades since Christmas has been celebrated widely in Japan. There are not many Christian that’s why it is still not seen as a religious holiday there but with the time certain customs of US are becoming popular even here and receiving and sending of Christmas card is done now.

Rather than just a religious celebration, it is considered as a time for spreading happiness. Christmas Eve has become a more romantic day for couples as they exchange presents on the day. In many ways, it is like Valentine’s Day celebrated in UK and USA. People go for walk and enjoy the looks of Christmas lights and then enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

Fried chicken is a most common meal on the Christmas day. That makes it the busiest time for KFC’s also. The traditional food on Christmas is a Christmas cake which is a sponge cake decorated with strawberries.

how to say Merry Christmas in Japanese/how do you merry christmas in japanese

HOW TO SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS IN JAPANESE/HOW DO YOU MERRY CHRISTMAS IN JAPANESE-“Meri Kurisumasu” this is how you wish Merry Christmas in Japanese. Parties are done on the day for children with playing of different games and dancing and decorating the cake with a tree, the figure of Santa etc. are the common way of celebrating Christmas. In japans, anta is known as Santa san and there is also another gift bringer in Japan called Hoteiosho who is not really related to Christmas but is a god of good fortune in Buddhism.

o Shogatsu” or say New year in Japan is actually more like the Western Christmas. The family gets together, exchanging of greeting cards, having a family meal and praying are the common way of celebrating in Japan. It is a very busy and auspicious time in Japan.


This is how this beautiful is celebrated in the country of Japan. Though it is not there festival still it is celebrated and there are not many Christians there still it is celebrated with great joy and fun.

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