About Us

Want to express feelings or like to wish on birthday, anniversary, daily messages of good morning, good night msg to your loved one. But you don’t find the correct source? We are here to offer you numerous quotes and facility for greeting cards online. You can edit and make a greeting card here easily, share with whom you wish and maintain a beautiful and healthy relationship with your love one.

At BigWishes.net, We intend only to promote unique greeting cards based on inspirational stories, motivational stories and educational messages. Our objective is to promote greeting cards that inspire, motivate and educate others. Apart from developing our unique greeting cards with inspirational, motivational or educational messages, we will also seek out others who have similar greeting cards and present them to our users. We intend to use our greeting cards as a medium for spreading positive thinking, a can-do attitude and lessons of life.

Our greeting cards with inspirational, motivational or educational messages are ideal for both business and individuals.

Inspirational & Motivational greeting cards with inspirational messages for various occasions like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, graduation, birthdays, as well as on topics like Environment and users satisfaction. Somebody could also be user motivational greeting cards that could also motivate employees in a campaign mode.

With the help of our designer creative team, we intend to create a wide range of unique greeting cards that will inspire and motivate others and educate them to succeed in life and find happiness. Individuals and can also use these greeting cards.

Big Wishes Inspirational Greeting Cards & Motivational Greeting Cards based on our team’s themes based on his extensive experience.

These themes are:

  • Birthday Wishes
  • Anniversary
  • Good morning
  • Congratulations
  • Holi Greeting/Wishes
  • Good Evening
  • Good Luck
  • Have a nice day
  • I Miss You
  • Love Cards
  • Thank You Wishes
  • Farewell
  • Wedding Wishes
  • Sympathy
  • Sorry Cards
  • Happy Sunday
  • Festival Cards

Connecting to our love once: Cards, meaningful messages this is the way we can connect to our people and express what we feel and show them how important they are in our lives. Each feeling and occasion is having a different opinion about their importance. We keep this in mark and offering you a variety of card and quotes on the cards.

Communication is the key to a maintained solid and healthy relationship: Sharing cards is one type of communication and a strong relationship. Communication is an essential part of keeping it when you can’t speak everything or express by saying, sharing e-cards and messages works a lot. Our intention is pure. You can communicate with your people only through communication and this pandemic period; only the messages, quote, and greetings are the best sources. 

World of Digital: We live in a digital world, and the importance of sharing things over the internet raise over time, especially in this pandemic time, and it is an easier way and safest way.

Sharing a feeling and emotion through cards is the oldest way. It’s updated in the digital world era and saves time and cost by sharing online and very instant than traditional systems.

Opt digital way to express yourself and stay connected with affection.